Screw compressors

RKR screw compressors are suitable for entirely oil-free compression of air, nitrogen, process gas, digester gas, mine gas, landfill gas and biogas. 

Our screw compressors are used in industry, in power plants, in pneumatic systems for conveying powders, granulate material, cement, foodstuffs (flour, sugar etc.), in sewage treatment plants, for the aeration of clarifiers, in the chemical and petrochemical sectors and in biogas plants.

The compression process

  1. Intake: The gas enters the open screw threads of the rotors through the intake opening.
  2. Compression: The intake opening is closed by the ongoing rotation of the rotors (synchronised by a gearbox), the intake volume is reduced (compressed) and the pressure rises.
  3. Discharge: The compression process is complete and the final pressure is reached. The discharge process begins.

Forced compression causes the volume flow to remain practically the same with variable counter-pressures.

Standard series


for neutral gases or non-flammable gases


  • Direct drive
  • Volume flow:
    120 to 15000 m3/h
  • Overpressure: to 3,5 bar
  • Underpressure: to 850 mbar
  • Motor power: to 900 kW

neutral gases, double-stage execution


  • Direct drive
  • Volume flow:
    300 to 5700 m3/h
  • Overpressure: to 10.5 bar
  • Underpressure: to 900 mbar
  • Motor power: to 630 kW

for flammable gases


  • Direct drive
  • Volume flow:
    120 to 1800 m3/h
  • Overpressure: 1 to 3.5 bar
  • Motor power: to 200 kW

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